2008 - 2010

In 2008, SIR continued the organization of the group and the website, adding prods and information, and created the collaboration with Kaosmaster & Ram Jam resulting in the diskmag Showtime #18, a continuation of the series. To vote, it used a voting form created on the Scoopex Website.

In September, an Amiga OCS cracktro was released for the Snow Bros game, cracked by Galahad/ex Fairlight, called MonsterBobs. A few competition entries were made and placed pretty well, but it was a year of few productions. SIR struggled to create more possibilities resulting in prods.

In 2009, Fishwave left to pursue other things, after helping re-forming Scoopex a few years ago. This, too, was a year of few Scoopex releases. A few demotools were coded, and an Amiga OCS BBStro was almost finished, but the BBS was never finished and so never released. Noogman struggled to find time to make his dream come true, his PC demo. At the end of the year, feeling that he couldn't bring Scoopex to the demoscene presence he hoped, SIR left Scoopex and Photon became first interim organizer and then permanent organizer. 

In 2010, Noogman's dream to make his PC-demo come true was set back by coop problems. Later in the year he found himself with too much work to be able to finish the whole demo himself but managed to make a coop with a graphician and a new coder to take over where he left off, and the demo is now in progress, as is another modern platform demo.  

Again, this was a year of few releases, although members released for other groups they were members of. A few scene-tools were released, the only non-minor release a fixed and optimized P61 Playroutine. The hilight perhaps was the #2 place winner of the LCP Wild Demo compo, a Spectrum +2/+3 demo by Mr. Spiv. An Amiga slideshow planned for release at Compusphere had to be put off to code an Amiga musicdisk, both for release early the next year.