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Official News

Scoopex wins @ Datastorm 2014Photon,14-02-18

Block Boot won the bootblock compo, competing with 5 other bootblocks that also had music. Isn't that a great trend?

The Scoop: Examining the ACA500Photon,13-11-15

For the past two hectic months, I've been involved in part of the development and testing for this accelerator for the Amiga 500 and 500+. Since the product is solid and nearing release and Individual Computers has given me the go-ahead to talk about it, I will list the already known features and a few that have been added - and generally, what it's like to use.

Scoopex 2nd with 'DERP 2014 Invitation'Photon,13-09-11

GERP - The party where 'demo compo' means 'Amiga demo compo'!

1Klång wins @ Datastorm 2013Photon,13-02-14

This first little intro using 1Klång music was hoping to showcase the tightness of the format when converted from Protracker.

Datastorm 2013 quick party reportPhoton,13-02-10

Spoiler warning.

Latest Articles

Avoiding Vote Loss in Compo SystemsPhoton,13-08-21

Rationale for reaching optimal demoparty voting percentage and quality.

Went to Edison 2013Photon,13-06-30

It's Sunday, 2:30AM and I'm writing this at the nearby Ibis Hotel after the compos ended. ( I got an offer to sleep like a king in Qdor's tent, but I didn't bring bedgear, so... )

See ya at CompuspherePhoton,12-03-09

I hope to bring something nice to this demoparty :) Let's have fun in Gothenburg tomorrow!

ACA630 thoughtsPhoton,11-11-06

About the ACA630's method to fasten the piggyback socket onto the CPU.

HogFast utilityPhoton,11-08-12

NoFastMem used to work on kick/WB 1.3, right? At least that's my recollection. Well, I just can't get it to work. After NoFastMem+Enter, the cursor just stands there and requires and extra Enter press to return the prompt, after which there is still FastMem available.



Welcome to our site!

This site will cover where we came from, what we are doing now, and where we are going. Also, each member will occasionally write something in her or his blog, and if you're just here for the stuff we've released, take a look in Downloads, of which our most prominent prods are selected as showcase in the Gallery.

What is Scoopex?

A team of sceners who make demos for misc. computer and console platforms. We have members in quite a few countries and believe in releasing top quality prods, now and in the future...

Our slogan is: "Generations Ahead" - and we intend to prove it. 


SHOWTIME #18 out.

We released SHOWTIME #18.

Thanks to anyone involved for their support.

Click the banner to download the mag.

If you want to vote for issue #19, the site (as always) located at:

The SHOWTIME-staff.

Showtime #18