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Official News

Scoopex brings Starquake to AmigaPhoton,18-11-17

Another game release by the tireless Galahad, all wrapped in extra luxurious packaging! With an intro by Yragael + Alien + Curt Cool.

Outlands 100%, one-diskedPhoton,17-07-20

Another crack from Galahad, eliminating the tedious disk swaps! Other cracks crashed just before the ending, but this is also fixed.

This is a vertical two-player shoot'em-up á la Battle Squadron, but made early for the American market, so the framerate isn't exactly stellar. If you account for this, it's decently playable. Enjoy!

Galahad cracks Zoom!Photon,17-06-10

Galahad of Scoopex brings you a new crack of a game from 1988 - Zoom! by Discovery Int'l before they did Hybris.

Scoopex featured in Amiga bookPhoton,17-06-05

Fusion Retro Books are publishing the book "The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels", covering Amiga hardware, software, games, and demos.

Among all the greats, Scoopex were contacted for an article and we did 8 pages on where Scoopex came from, grew, and what we're up to now, with regards to the Amiga:

Scoopex wins High Coast Hack with TulouPhoton,16-07-20

Frost/Tulou was going to HCH in Härnösand and was keen on releasing something :)

Latest Articles

Retro + MAME joystick buildPhoton,17-10-20

I have a right-handed QuickShot 162, a Tac-2 modded with terminal keyboard fire button, and an old arcade panel with a JK microswitch joystick and blade-switch buttons that I put across my knee whenever I feel the urge. :) Why make a new one?

Blast from pastMr. Spiv,15-07-27

Phew.. A lot has happened since last time. I relocated my whole family to USA.. The centre of Silicon Valley to be more precise and in a middle of year just before Xmas. That was quite a stretch to be honest. My furniture, geek crap and stuff arrive as late as mid March ;) Anyway, mid June was the first time I actually had time for myself, visit Fry's, buy enough 110V/60Hz stuff to build my gear (Amiga for example) a PSU that works here.. and tadaa.. my A600 was alive.

A500 clock battery replacementPhoton,15-01-10

My little menagerie of Amigas got a workover last week. Some little nags that I wanted to fix. One of those was file modified dates on my source files ;)

A600 - checkedMr. Spiv,14-09-27

After some severe hitting my forehead to a wall, I finally have a so so A600 setup. Not the best but usable. Amazing how expensive this stuff is..

Still aliveMr. Spiv,14-09-06

It has been few years I last time posted anything. Such is life.. work, work, family, weird stuff, .. Evenings are just spent on other stuff than nerding. In a meantime I travelled the world, wrote a book, working on a second book, and coded on my belowed ZX Spectrum <3



Welcome to our site!

This site covers where we came from, what we are doing now, and where we are going. Also, each member will occasionally write something in her or his blog, and if you're just here for the stuff we've released, take a look in Downloads. Some more prominent prods are showcased in the Gallery.

What is Scoopex?

A team of sceners who make demos for misc. computer and console platforms. We have members in quite a few countries and believe in releasing top quality prods, now and in the future...

Our slogan is: "Generations Ahead" - and we intend to prove it.