Scoopex History

This is a timeline of Scoopex´ history since the beginning.

2008 - 2010 by Photon on 2011-01-12.

History of Scoopex year 2008-2010

In 2008, SIR continued the organization of the group and the website, adding prods and information, and created the collaboration with Kaosmaster & Ram Jam resulting in the diskmag Showtime #18, a continuation of the series. To vote, it used a voting form created on the Scoopex Website.

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2001 - 2007 by on 2008-02-28.

In the new millenium, inactivity would grow, the group more and more endangered to fall apart. Major releases like 'Audio Video Disco' just weren't coming any more....

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1999 - 2000 by on 2008-02-28.

1999 started very well. Scoopex' first major release on the PC, 'Alien 2 PC', came 3rd in the demo-competition at MekkaSymposium '99, and Scoopex took home first and second place in the Amiga 4k competition, too. Seenpoint got published for the ninth time, being one of the best issues ever.

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1997 - 1998 by on 2008-02-28.

Those who had taken the initiative cut down their activities, the French section, but the strong going group around Antibyte and Boogeyman kept the pace and lead Scoopex to its by far best period in the group's history.

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1995 - 1996 by on 2008-02-28.

The french section strengthened Scoopex in these days on their way back to the top.

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1992 - 1994 by on 2008-02-28.

'Surprise! Productions' (S!P) joined Scoopex as a subgroup in 1992 and left again about half a year later, leaving only Spycatcher behind.

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1990 - 1992by on 2008-02-28.

The days of April 1990 made a huge difference for Scoopex and the whole scene in general.

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