1990 - 1992

The days of April 1990 made a huge difference for Scoopex and the whole scene in general.

Scoopex released their new-era-production 'Mental Hangover', which catapulted Scoopex to the top of the charts and turned the conception of demos upside down. Up to that point all major demo releases were so-called 'Megademos', which consisted of different parts with different music linked together by a RAM-resistent piece of software called loader,which was the same after each part. Scoopex' demo eliminated the sequence-character and opened up for free-flow presentations.This was possible due to the new trackloading technique which was first applied in 'Mental Hangover'. Scoopex thus created a new category in demos going by the name of 'trackmos' (trackloaded demos) and in this respect set the standard for all demos to come for years. The great acceptance of harddisk in the Amiga demoscene rendered trackmos anachronistic around 1996.

As a consequence Slayer dominated the coder charts, Reward topped the gfx charts, 'Mental Hangover' the multi-load-demo charts, and in the wake also TMB took the swapper charts and Heiko the uploader charts. Scoopex ruled the scene for more than a year until Phenomena released their breathtaker 'Enigma'.

In the following Slayer released some intros, the demo 'Chromium' and announced 'World of Wodka' to be the sequel of 'Mental Hangover'. Unfortunately he quit and 'World of Wodka' never got finished, but became one of the most famous 'phantom demos' next to Sanity's 'Broken Promises'. By way of lucky compensation Uno joined in Sweden, whose graphics for Brainstorm's diskmag 'Zine' and Phenomena's 'Enigma' earned him the number one spot in the graphician charts.

By the end of 1991 / beginning of 1992 the other mastermind behind 'Mental Hangover', Reward, left for Complex and the Finnish section was shut down. In 1992 Ranger retired and handed over the sceptre to Trade, who now organized the group. Many people in the Amiga demo scene credited Ranger, Slayer and Reward as 'living legends'. The first 'golden' generation that definitely made Scoopex a name on the scene and laid the foundations for the legend status Scoopex owns had stepped down.