1997 - 1998

Those who had taken the initiative cut down their activities, the French section, but the strong going group around Antibyte and Boogeyman kept the pace and lead Scoopex to its by far best period in the group's history.

Never before Scoopex was that productive. Yet it wasn't only the quantity but also the quality that stunned all four corners of the demoscene populated world. In 1997 there were milestones like Lazur's slideshow '5977', the demo 'The Sign', the winning The Party'97 demo 'My Kingdom' in cooperation with Haujobb, and 'Superautodrome', the amazing 40k intro by Antibyte that also got a number one ranking in the intro competition at The Party 1997. Furthermore Scoopex got hold of 'Seenpoint' & the entire staff behind it, one of the most popular Amiga demoscene magazines ever.

Consequently Scoopex rushed to the top of the scene charts (e.g. The Official Eurochart), actually for the very first time in the group's history. Even the crew around Slayer didn't celebrate such a massive success. Antibyte became the most respected coder, too, and lead the charts far ahead. Scoopex lived their slogan - 'Generations Ahead'.

The coming twelve months of 1998 fully justified Scoopex' position. 'Superautodrome 2' won the MekkaSymposium party, so did the intro '1000%' and the demo 'Alien 2', a mindblasting 3d demo, that both won their competitions each at The Party '98. Furthermore Seenpoint reached the number one spot as most popular diskmag, too, and most of the Scoopex members actually were very popular as you could see from both general feedback & charts.