1992 - 1994

'Surprise! Productions' (S!P) joined Scoopex as a subgroup in 1992 and left again about half a year later, leaving only Spycatcher behind.

He did the only releases worth mentioning in that year: 'It's Tricky' and 'Seen Before'. Expectations the scene had wouldn´t be fulfilled by this, Scoopex was feared to be another scene legend going downhill.

But time and talent proved that wrong: Scoopex had quite some productions on the shelve in 1993, just to single out the trackmo 'Pha-Q' by Antibyte. Dominating status had gone though, compared to other great groups of that time. In fact the most famous production in those days was Mr.King's pack 'Nevermind'.

It was a french sceners section that finally revived Scoopex, especially graphician Made should be remembered here.