1988 - 1990

Scoopex (SCX) was founded as an Amiga group back in 1988 by Ranger & Shark The Master. Rooted in Austria, they fastly expanded and became an international based group.

Scoopex is the successor of the mainly Austrian focused Megaforce (MFC), who were founded back in 1983 on the Commodore 64 and were active in the cracking of software as well as the demo scene. Crazy Typer's legendary demos gained Megaforce respect and their continuous flow of releases gave them membership in the so-called 'Leading Five' cooperation. 

In 1988 the French section of Megaforce (organized by Nasty Boy) got into trouble with prosecution authorities due to software piracy. Therefore Ranger, who was leading Megaforce, decided to put the group to rest and get on with a fresh start. Scoopex was born! Most of the old Megaforce members changed to Scoopex and were joined by more talented sceners like e.g. the infamous graphician J.O.E., a member of TSK-Crew back then. Shark The Master created the slogan 'Generations Ahead' for Scoopex, which gave a clue about the origins of the group, since Megaforce's slogan 'Always Lightyears Ahead' bursts with similarity. The recommencement was no abondonement of their activities in piracy, but demos definitively became the core business for Scoopex.

Crazy Typer quit the scene after his harddrive had a headcrash, leaving the responsibility on members like Shark the Master, Vectrex and Challenger in terms of coding most of the releases back then, which includes demos like 'Lazer Light', 'Glory Stars', 'Glory Stars 2' and 'Xenomorphs'. As a so called subgroup 'Share and Enjoy' (SAE) joined in the United Kingdom, who actually had joined in the last days of Megaforce, and they released a couple of productions as well.

In 1989 Scoopex was the group with the most demo releases in the Amiga scene. It was also in that year that digital art virtuosi Slayer and Reward joined. They released the 'Seven Sins' demo, which was the most popular demo in the scene since Red Sector's Megademo.

Share and Enjoy left the same year.