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This section showcases selected Scoopex productions and provides details about specific prods, written by Scoopex members.


Alien 2 Amiga, PC by Photon on 2008-03-20.

Scoopex carried over their talent to the PC platform. This demo is ambitious and story-driven and features particle effects and the rich 3D world inspired by the movie Aliens. This vid is of the Amiga version, a better quality MP4 will be made...

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1000% by Photon on 2008-03-19.

This is a 40K intro that people have been heard to refer to as, "40K my ass!!". With a synthetic mechanical soundtrack, the story takes you from planets in deep space to the depths of the sea (hehehe) to an abstract chromatic kaleidoscope of mathematics...

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Stunner Dentro by Photon on 2008-03-19.

This demo that introduces another (Stunner Trackmo was in the works at the time) called Stunner Dentro was a response to Celebrandil/PHA's wonderful Animotion demo! It also announced Scoopex Sweden and their members.

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Glory Stars by Photon on 2008-03-19.

At the time it came, this demo was refreshing and the music was wonderful and different. It showed that Scoopex outside of S.A.E. were intent on keeping up the demo presence. It was released on Summer Conference that year, which is where I (Photon) first saw it. It was a nice party, and I have fond memories :)

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First Demo by Photon on 2008-03-19.

This was the first demo by Scoopex, spread on New Year's Day 1989. It was released to show the break from Megaforce, that had gotten into trouble with the police over software piracy. Connections with Megaforce were broken (although a lot of the members followed over into Scoopex) and the demo was released to announce that fact and the new group.

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Seven Sins by Photon on 2008-03-13.

This was the first demo by the Finnish division. It contains convex vectors, vector balls, and sine scrollers - the stock effects in those days, but quite well made. It was also very different from the usual one-screen demos, and in the design and 'story'.

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Mental Hangoverby on 2008-03-04.

In April 1990 Scoopex released 'Mental Hangover' on the Swedish Elite Easter Conference.
It not only ranked 1st in the Amiga demo compo but changed the entire approach in creating demos...
...and therefore the entire scene forever.

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