Stunner Dentro (1991) - demo by Scoopex Sweden

Platform: Amiga OCS

Release Date: February 23, 1991

Competitions: none

This demo that introduces another (Stunner Trackmo was in the works at the time) called Stunner Dentro was a response to Celebrandil/PHA's wonderful Animotion demo! It also announced Scoopex Sweden and their members.

Photon says: I was in complex vector land for my Stunner Trackmo but sidetracked to make this quick thing to announce our break-off from Phenomena and (re-)forming Scoopex Sweden, and show off my fast routines ofc :P Following "Blenk", the words "Glenz", "Dentro", and "Trackmo" became widespread... maybe a bit more so than intended :)

It features state of the art Glenz using among other things, "EORlines" and "CPUfill" routines for best DMA cycle utilization. Perhaps only impressive to coders who know the hardware limitations of OCS, it has very nice music by Firefox/PHA!

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  • Code by Photon
  • Graphics by Uno
  • Music by Firefox/PHA