Glory Stars (1989) - demo by Scoopex Austria

Platform: Amiga OCS

Release Date: July, 1989

Competitions: 16th at Digitech - IBB Summer Conference 1989

At the time it came, this demo was refreshing and the music was wonderful and different. It showed that Scoopex outside of S.A.E. were intent on keeping up the demo presence. It was released on Summer Conference that year, which is where I (Photon) first saw it. It was a nice party, and I have fond memories :)

The demo contains an animated bob routine and a scroller. This was just at the time when people were going from TVs to C1081 monitors, so the blopping in the left margin of the scroller is forgiven :) It was quite common, since the coder couldn't see overscan on a normal TV.

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  • Code by Vectrex
  • Graphics by J.O.E.
  • Music by Osterman