2001 - 2007

In the new millenium, inactivity would grow, the group more and more endangered to fall apart. Major releases like 'Audio Video Disco' just weren't coming any more....

'Art', a PC-64K-collaboration with Farbrausch brought 1st place at MekkaSymposium '00; '003', another PC-64K' ranked 2nd at the Escape party that year. Only other release was 'Delirium', mainly done by Noogman in Flash. So overall a quite fruitless year for Scoopex.

This continued in 2002, as they were only some small releases like intros and promotional stuff for the 'World Charts'-diskmag, on which Scoopex and The Silents collaborated. 2003 saw the releases of three musicdisks called 'Scoopex'n'Chips', as well as the '4k ahead'-intro which ranked 4th at Breakpoint.

As years changed, Scoopex did some wild visual stuff together with Surprise!Productions, released a demo called 'Cyberspace' together with Triumph, and happily ranked 1st at the Amiga 64K compo with Stingray's 'A Dream'; nevertheless support within Scoopex was low at that time, arguments and disrespect were already brewing. Rest of 2004 only brought small releases like 4Ks and 'Crescent Moon', a GBA Demo.

So the last 'highlights' in Scoopex' history were Stingray's 'A Dream 2': another 1st place in Amiga 64K compo at Breakpoint'05, along with 4th place for 'Effektwerk', contributed as a WILD-Demo.

After all, the longbuilt reputation in the scene had long gone (as had the 90s). Creative sources within Scoopex ran dry, inactivity grew, no major releases hit the screens.

In 2006, TMB/Scoopex and Interpol/Deviance decided to co-op and merge the remaining creative powers of both of the groups. This collaboration split again a few months later, due to different approaches to reach the aims which had been set. Nevertheless, 'A rainy day' was a beautiful WILD-demo, resulting from this co-op.

TMB then left Scoopex, Fishwave and Noogman formed an interim management to continue the work of Scoopex. In May 2007 they invited SIR (who came with no credit and no 'scenish' background) to cover some of the organizing and finally to get things back on track...

To be continued...