1999 - 2000

1999 started very well. Scoopex' first major release on the PC, 'Alien 2 PC', came 3rd in the demo-competition at MekkaSymposium '99, and Scoopex took home first and second place in the Amiga 4k competition, too. Seenpoint got published for the ninth time, being one of the best issues ever.

Later on this year there were some minor releases, but most of the group kept a very low profile. Antibyte proverbially disappeared from the scene, Boogeyman had quit the scene, the Seenpoint staff showed heavy signs of disintegration and overall the whole group was a shadow of its former self. Many members left or quit the scene, many new members teamed up.

Also the year 2000 did not start very promising with the death of Seenpoint on Amiga (issue #10 was the last one as an Amiga executable). This happened in January and it took another 11 months (!) to see Scoopex alive. At least they managed to release their second major release for PC, 'Audio Video Disco' that came fifth in the demo-competition at The Party 2000. 'Millenium' ranked 1st at the Lucky & Tigrou Party Amiga Oldskool demo compo.