Galahad cracks Zoom!


Galahad of Scoopex brings you a new crack of a game from 1988 - Zoom! by Discovery Int'l before they did Hybris.

Previous cracks have been the pre-release - this is the full game cracked 100%.

The game reminds of Qix/Amidar but is played in 3D perspective by 1 or 2 players.

Thanks to Barry for the MFM image of the game. Game had some very nice copy protection ideas, was a worthwhile challenge. All decryption and self modified code has been removed, and game *might* now work on machines other than 68000.

Note: Because of the way this early game was written, Kick 2.0+ is not on the menu. On newer machines, therefore, use kick 1.3.



Zoom! crack intro on Pouet

Zoom! crack intro on YouTube