Blast from past - A moment of activity

Phew.. A lot has happened since last time. I relocated my whole family to USA.. The centre of Silicon Valley to be more precise and in a middle of year just before Xmas. That was quite a stretch to be honest. My furniture, geek crap and stuff arrive as late as mid March ;) Anyway, mid June was the first time I actually had time for myself, visit Fry's, buy enough 110V/60Hz stuff to build my gear (Amiga for example) a PSU that works here.. and tadaa.. my A600 was alive.

Did some coding (see and finished an intro I actually made 1994 ;) This release was for Flashtro, since I promised them 8 years ago to do something for them, heh. Man, I loved putting these old routines together.. and on a real hardware. On the same series of sleepless nights put togethet another quick hack of old sources of mine i.e. StoneCracker v5 cruncher from 1998 (see

Anyway.. there's some more stuff in pipe that I am working on. Stay tuned for another Scoopex release in the retro scene. I know I'll be swamped with travels and other work stuff soon so I try to spit this thing out soon.. before there's another 8 years lag ;-)