A moment of activity

Phew.. A lot has happened since last time. I relocated my whole family to USA.. The centre of Silicon Valley to be more precise and in a middle of year just before Xmas. That was quite a stretch to be honest. My furniture, geek crap and stuff arrive as late as mid March ;) Anyway, mid June was the first time I actually had time for myself, visit Fry's, buy enough 110V/60Hz stuff to build my gear (Amiga for example) a PSU that works here.. and tadaa.. my A600 was alive.

Did some coding (see http://www.flashtro.com/index.php?e=page&c=Amiga&id=3881) and finished an intro I actually made 1994 ;) This release was for Flashtro, since I promised them 8 years ago to do something for them, heh. Man, I loved putting these old routines together.. and on a real hardware. On the same series of sleepless nights put togethet another quick hack of old sources of mine i.e. StoneCracker v5 cruncher from 1998 (see http://www.flashtro.com/index.php?e=page&c=Amiga&id=3887).

Anyway.. there's some more stuff in pipe that I am working on. Stay tuned for another Scoopex release in the retro scene. I know I'll be swamped with travels and other work stuff soon so I try to spit this thing out soon.. before there's another 8 years lag ;-)