Some facts about T$ (german coder):



  • One of the few guys who started his first digital experiences with an original PC in the mid-80s

  • Started programming in GW-Basic just to find out that assembler was way easier to understand

  • Got into demos in the mid-90s, joining the diskmag section of the scene

  • Considers demomaking, cartoon drawing and writing as a medium for expressing his ideas the way he likes best

  • Inventor of GusEmu32 and the famous infamous "Raving Tomato" series

  • Competitions participated in so far: 4k, 32b/64b, pixel gfx, 32k/96k game, photo, fast competition, OHP competition, ascii

  • Parties visited: tUM (including ´99), Mekka+Symposium, Breakpoint, Dialogos, UC, GeekCamp, 0a000h, Buenzli, Evoke

  • Groups involved in or supported: Scoopex, Alcatraz, Wildmag, PAiN, TAPMag, Sundancer Inc, Hugi