Uncle Tom of Scoopex

Tomas Dahlgren aka Uncle Tom It's me, Uncle Tom.
Currently a vice-landlord and very cruel to people who won't obey the rules. I like only a certain kind type of music which there doesn't seem to be lots of today, and I seldom listen to any music since my spouse Camilla works from home. The thing is; I always have music in my head, but unfortunately it's where it remains lately.

Graphics are still sometimes created. To 'pixel' is something I enjoy doing, although there are plenty of 3D tools available I feel especially that the art is to 'pixel'. To animate small, handpixled characters is a genre of its own. Every pixel has a meaning, there are no misplaced or erronious pixels. It's like mosaics...

Arcade games (that's arcade videos in general) - is currently my life. Pressing buttons, controlling characters, cars or spaceships, beating up monsters, demons, destroying evil japanese gnomes and bullseyeing pizza-pigs high on fermented potatoepeal is often a big part of my day.

I'd like some more space though, it has become a little tight with all those metal cabs from Sega and 29-inch screens.