Clemens 'Peci' Pecinovsky

Peci of Scoopex
Peci started his demo-scene career on C64 and Amiga although he first joined
the scene in 1993 on PC.

He studied computer science on the Technical University of Vienna and since 2003
works in the computer games industrie as a programmer.

Nowadays he is specialised in shader programming and sized optimized programming
for 4k intros.


some releases and seminars:

1993 "The good the bad the ugly"  - Demo, Surprise!Productions, The Party, ranked 2nd

1999 "Alien 2 PC" - Demo, Scoopex, MekkaSymposium, ranked 3rd

2001 "Art" - 64k, Scoopex & Farbrausch, MekkaSymposium, ranked 1st

2003 "4k ahead" - 4k, Scoopex, Breakpoint, ranked 4th

2004 "energy beam" - 4k, Scoopex, Breakpoint, ranked 7th

2004 "scx255" - 256bytes, Scoopex, Function, ranked 2nd

2005 "Normalmapping - problems and solutions"  - seminar held on Breakpoint

2005 "t-time" - 256bytes, Scoopex, Function, ranked 5th

2006 "Getting rid of the Win32 exe header"  - seminar held on Breakpoint
2006 "size matters" - exe music, Scoopex, Breakpoint2006, ranked 6th