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Portrait of Torsten AsholtNoogman is a highly reputated graphician from Germany who already came a quite long way in the scene, starting in the 80s. He has been member of several groups and his constant quality in pixelling gfx has brought him great credit throughout the whole scene.

Together with Fishwave he formed an interim management in late 2006, to save Scoopex from dissolving.

To bring Scoopex back on stage, he is right now working on a new major release and therefore has no spare time left to take care about the new website and this member page. He will do so as soon as that release is done :)

You might read a short (and incomplete) summary of what he did so far in the blog below.

more coming soon...

Some facts about Noogmanby on 2008-03-01.

(german graphician)

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