I have joined the Amiga demoscene in 1993 and was a member of many groups, including X-Treme, Sardonyx, Obsession, Progress and Dual Crew - Shining.

Following my preference for journalism and writing, I released the diskmag Seenpoint for Sardonyx (with Syntax's and Fiver2's help, who took care of the code resp. the graphics), starting with the first issue in October 1995. In May 1997 I double-joined Scoopex and brought Seenpoint in as a dowry, including issues #7 (December 1997) to #10 (January 2000). Seenpoint was voted #1 on The Official Eurochart as best diskmag in 1999/2000. I was voted best editor numerous times in that chart, too.

Parallel to my job with Seenpoint I became main-editor of the chartmag Rage!, which was released as an independent production but mainly manufactured by members of the French group Eremation (with excellent code by Brainwasher and marvellous graphics by Photo$). While I was in charge, 1997/1998, we kicked out issues #5 to #7.

Amongst the diskmagazines I supported besides running my own projects were Abnormalia, Buzz, Generation, Jurassic Pack, Showtime, Thing, D.I.S.C. and Devotion, all Amiga based. On the PC I have only contributed to the reborn Zine so far.

Now you want your sweet face creamed with my poetry, don't you?