I'm Galahad, ex Fairlight and several other notable groups, now coerced into joining the inimitable Scoopex!

I've done a lot of work for WHDLoad in recent years, but i'm probably more famous in recent times for doing cracks of some titles that were either never done properly in the first place or were never cracked.  Oh yeah, and I had something to do with the release of a little Amiga title called Putty Squad! :)


Seems that I like Amiga still, and have tackled my first Atari ST to Amiga conversion in the shape of Where Time Stood Still.

Going to do more than crack stuff, hopefully going to find myself busy doing some Scoopex productions on Amiga, no idea what at the moment, but i'll think of something.  

Those expecting a picture of me..... curb your enthusiasm, with Uncle Toms model looks to contend with, I recognise my limitations! :)


So heres to everyone else in Scoopex, may we be Generations ahead for a long while yet.