Spoiler warning.

As usual a super arrangement at this perfect venue for scening. This year there were lots and lots of quality music contributions. Mahoney won C64 with super long encoding wizardry trouncing SID ownage by Dane. Brandon Walsh got a double win in the Amiga music compos and interviewed people at the party as announced...   

Focus Design had 2 Amiga releases(!) and Dekadence represented with a 32K. Scoopex won Bootblock Intro with Loonies finishing second with tight space glenz. Codemaster Celebrandil arrived and it was fun as hell to talk to him after 23 years :) Again this year the active C64 kicked more ass than Amiga with interesting screens and well-designed transitions synced to great music... 

It had other fun things like a TI-83 demo (that's the calculator) and a gameboy demo, and Slash ran a nice A500 demoshow...

I absolutely had no dull moment this year and one of the best Datastorms yet :) Hmm, what else... Genesis Project handed out small packs of original disks, well at least I got Pinball Dreams in a package saying 'Making up for years of cracking <3 GP' :) Well what can I say, I have a bunch of originals but, ahem, not that particular one :)


Good night!!



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