Scoopex 2nd in wild demo at LCP 2009

After socializing and partying, late on Saturday night it was time for the compos. There were lots of C64 contributions for the demo, music and gfx compos, and also quite a few for other platforms.

There was no separate Amiga demo compo, but Amiga gfx and music made separate compos. The remaining platforms' demos, gfx and music were put in the "other demo/music/gfx" compos. The winner of the wild demo compo was a nice production by rNO for unexpanded A1200.

Scoopex finished second place with the 'ScoopZX' demo for ZX Spectrum +2/+2A/+3!

Download from here. Best viewed in ZXSpin with +2 machine timings.


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Reply #1 on : Sun July 19, 2009, 15:31:28
hi guys! nice to see scoopex on ZX! neat demo, but too short! hope to see something more strong in future! generations ahead :)