Scoopex wins Compusphere 2012 with Uncle Tom Sonix

Scoopex places 1st in Combined Demo on CS 2012 with an OCS demo showcasing a demo-usable Sonix playroutine. I promised to write a few words here about it, so this is just a stub for now. Head over to the downloads/prods/2012 section to download it.


The ADF is for floppy-only users and the zip is the partyversion. Should work on all Amigas, emulators suck. :)



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also thought, this g
Reply #1 on : Fri September 05, 2014, 20:20:22
also thought, this game sohuld be damn creepy, same as Scratches , but according to game info all the videos it's more atmospheric, than scary.