SIR leaves

SIR just announced that he will no longer be organizer for Scoopex. As a nice guy and someone who tried to get Scoopexians busier, I think I speak for the Scoopex crew when I say: Thank you for the time in Scoopex, nice chats and willingness to stand up for Scoopex. And thank you for the stuff you've been able to do with a sometimes family-time and work-time-afflicted crew!

I (Photon) will try to get my bearings in the current scene and devote some time to organize things. 


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sad to hear !
Reply #1 on : Wed November 25, 2009, 21:01:27
i heard of it first at evoke 09 ! but thought it was kinda joke !

me, being a member of scoopex in 1995 aswell, wishes the best to all scx-members even without siggy !