Rewardision places 4th at Revision


In a co-operation with Complex and Offense, Scoopex contributed to the Amiga Demo competition at the Revision 2024 demoparty in Germany, where it won 4th place!

The idea to make another tribute to the memory of Reward came from Proton, PAL, and Photon end of 2023. As Revision approached, Proton alone found time to do almost all of the work. 

The demo was not as polished as we had hoped, but it was decided to release anyway, where the tribute would reach a larger audience. It seems to have been understood and appreciated by the audience there, and this was what we hoped for, as it was the purpose of the demo!

The final was tested on real A500 just before deadline, and a few parts had performance issues. To resolve these, add ~20% acceleration, or some fastmem.

>> Rewardision on Pouet

>> Rewardision on Janeway