Seven Sins (1989) - demo by Scoopex Finland

Platform: Amiga OCS

Release Date: October, 1989

Competitions: none

This was the first demo by the Finnish division. It contains convex vectors, vector balls, and sine scrollers - the stock effects in those days, but quite well made. It was also very different from the usual one-screen demos, and in the design and 'story'.

The music by Uncle Tom is of course a classic, pumping enthusiasm into the viewers! (He told me he was inspired by Koto songs at the time, and you can hear it in the arpeggios, for example.)

I would say that this demo on its own told the world who Scoopex Finland were! And gave the Scoopex name a boost in the demo scene...



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  • Code by Slayer
  • Graphics by Reward
  • Music by Uncle Tom