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Mr Spiv of ScoopexA male who refuses to grow up, born in -72, married and two kids. I live in Finland, the land of chosen people.

I started with ZX Spectrum around -85. Then moved to Amiga late -88 and joined the scene in -89. Gave up with Amiga somewhere around -02 and been using Macs & OSX ever since.

During my active days -89-92 I coded a bunch of crap and stuff with a taste of small fame at some point of time. Now I idle, though, I had s short comeback on GP32 and GBA around -03-04.

I still fiddle around with my trusty Amiga and old console junk. By the way, a demo must have a scroller!


PCE stuff - Slim-e-loaderby Mr. Spiv on 2008-04-18.

Here's a link to a source code & OSX binary for NEO Power PC-E Flash Cart portable utility.

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