Simple tool to weed out samples

If you have an inst/perc/snares folder that contains 89 samples you may want to rinse out the ones that no longer fit the bill due to quality or usability.

You can use DirOpus (if it handles raw samples, I dunno) and listen to them and then delete them, or you could listen to them in Protracker one by one and note them down.

If you have lots of sounds to go through though, this can take a lot of time. If you want you can try this quickie CLI utility I wrote to do the job.

You go to the folder where samples should be weeded out and hear each sample being played, and you press Left mousebutton to keep it and Right mousebutton to delete it.

It will play all samples at F-2 by default, but you can use f.ex "SampleWeeder 161" for 22050 Hz or "SampleWeeder 428" (C-2) to override that.

You can also rename samples if they have a name that doesn't match what you hear :)

SampleWeeder supports raw and iff samples. Tested on Amiga 500 Kick 1.3 and Amiga 1200-68060 Kick 3.1.