A600 Portable Pictures

Maybe I'll have the time and energy to write a how I did it thing, but since I decided to make a minimum of holes in the chassi and keep it ultra simple, I think you'll have no trouble finding that out yourself.

Simply put it's just an all-in-one small computer to bring to demoparties. I replaced the old brick PSU with (an overkill) PicoPSU, bolted on a Joytech 8" Playstation 2 LCD and (also bolted on) a Cirque PS/2 touchpad. Cocolino adapter inside, and made the PCMCIA slot higher to allow the CF card to be pulled out.

The hinge on the screen was very nice and firm. At first I wanted to make a huge slot and sink it down 18mm, since the screen otherwise would not lay flush on the keys when closed. But I didn't dare make the plastic case even weaker. Instead I removed the electronics from inside the hinge and cut off 10 mm with a circular saw and put a nice thin Alu bracket to hold it. On the inside I reinforced the case with a 2mm steel plate, so the Alu bracket would be bolted to it rather than the case.

I removed the floppy to make room for a grounded RF shield plastic-covered steel plate, on which I mounted the little PicoPSU, the 8.5V adapter for the screen etc. You don't want to give the scener in the next chair a disturbance in the force! :)

I arrived late for LCP. The only real problem was to fit it in the height available. The A600 was assembled for the nth and last time at 2:35 on Saturday morning, and after 2.5h sleep I was on the train to Malmö. 

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, some of them are taken with my mobile camera. I will paint the "lining" between the case halves and the Alu bracket soon and fix some more stuff.


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