Building an A600 Portable

I've just installed and connected the stuff, the goal is to fold the LCD tv over the A600 to make a portable small A500-like coding computer - my A500/040 is in a cabinet and takes way too much space.

And the LCD tv fits perfectly! It's 13.3", or 300x233x30mm, leaving about 2mm to the dimensions of the A600. But out of the box, the composite picture is bad - interlaced and scaled with a crappy lcd filter, making every pixel fuzzy. So I need to hack it for RGB, if possible, or at least hack it so it's not scaled, cos the screen itself is quite nice, quick and not too bad movement trails. If not I'll get a JoyTech 9" for PS2.

The PS/2 mousepad is actually much better than I thought, responsive, accurate, small and well-designed.  I will lower it into the casing so the screen can fold down properly (and also make a slot for the CF card).

Inside I have 2MB chip, the 8MB Russian fast ram board, a clock board, and a buffered IDE interface and an IDE to CF adapter.

OK, back to AsmOne... any suggestions or tips just contact me on photon@scoo... :)


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