It's definitely a replacement for my buggy ChipMon utility coded in WinUAE in 2005 using (believe it or not!!) AbsAlloc :)

I coded it on my A600 portable while listening to the great music compos on LCP (and laying down the law on the votesheet with a pen, hehe). Anyway, it's for those of us who need to code in 68000 timing mode and thus don't have the fastram available on our accelerator boards. Or those who like to include gfx, music, etc files only the first time after boot. Or those with no CF adapter who don't want to wait 2 minutes to include all files when the assembly takes only 5 seconds.

If you know what parts of the 512K chip that is free, you can put files there with the Asm-One EXTERN command. Load them once, and they will stay there until power off or overwritten by a rogue blit :)

If you code for the classic OCS 512K/512K platform, it also helps to know what chipmem ranges are usually free, if you want to put screen buffers on even 64k boundaries for speed, i.e. Shameful Absolute Unallocated Addressing That Works On All Amigas (tm).

Type the command in CLI, and you will get the 4 largest chunks of free chipmem listed in address order.


Get it here. The very advanced source will be uploaded somewhere you can get it. :P Sorry for not quite making it fit in one sector, and 524 bytes is not worth compressing, really.


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