HogFast utility

NoFastMem used to work on kick/WB 1.3, right? At least that's my recollection. Well, I just can't get it to work. After NoFastMem+Enter, the cursor just stands there and requires and extra Enter press to return the prompt, after which there is still FastMem available.

So I whipped off another quick utility to solve it. It worked like a charm for my little demoshow on my A600 on LCP. It simply allocates Fastmem chunks until the largest one left is 1K or less, to allow the opening of a couple libraries in a demo-startup, without the OS resorting to chipmem. 

So if you get a rogue copper or scratchy sound instead of a song when starting a 1988 demo, just type HogFast first and it works. Basically I just made it out of egoism, for me to be able to watch oold demos off a harddisk until one of them hates fastmem and then run HogFast. Because I have to see it! :)

HogFast is here!


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