Micro Studio

I bought a pair of decent studio monitors for checking my mixes. Since I haven't moved yet, I decided to hook up the basic stuff and get drivers working for everything.

Behind the Ultrasharp 27" are a matched pair of Behringer Truth B2031A, really good but too big for the cramped space on my desk. Since I learned some stuff about room acoustics, I know it isn't the perfect setup. But it got better when I moved the desk out from the wall, and the monitors' adapting of the bass to suit the placement worked out pretty well.

Below the screen is an Edirol PCR-M30 USB-midi keyboard, and to the right you can find an RT-323 "real" MIDI drum pad.

Since I can hear that the "high bass" part of the spectrum is affected by the lack of space behind the monitors, I don't quite trust it for super final remixes. But it's still pretty close to optimal, and a step up from my crappy 2001 5.1 "PC speaker" system of old. So it will at least be more enjoyable to do music without headphones.

And they reveal errors in my old mixes with all the clarity I need, thank you! ;) 


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