I.e. an app for myself again, haha. Darn :) Well, maybe it'll help some people with plain vanilla A1200s.

Put it first in your startup-sequence, then call it again when all apps (Asmone/Dpaint/Protracker 3.15) have reserved their bitmaps and buffers, and all possible chipmem below $8000c left by "your kickstart version" will be available for use, enabling you make maximum use of chipmem while coding for OCS, or checking out old ORG $20000 sources.

Kick 2.0 users should see $11400 or so, and kick 3.1 should see $2e000 or so, upto $80000, free for use. Just an app to make you able to start any apps you want to have running while orgASMing without being punished for it. Yeah!

Direct download here 


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