Nokia E71, speaker pedestals, studio acoustics

Got a Casio Futurist cheap from Singapore today, to make sure I don't lose track of time. Been without a watch since... forever. :P

Turned out it wasn't super-necessary, cos my Nokia E71 has a feature I didn't know about when I ordered it: Just press the big button while in sleep mode, and a huge time display appears. Perfect. Some Email setup hassle, and the headset was good for music but had some noise when using it to talk to people. That's my review for Nokia E71-1, everything else has worked fine so far, although 15-20 mins for converting 300MB of music to eAAC is a bit juicy... But I got a 2GB for free, expecting a 110MB memory, so I'm not complaining. It's QWERTY. :)

Also ordered to make pedestals for my studio monitors, and next week workers will install a "sub-roof" with acoustic absorbers in the studio. Life's Good (c) Nokia, hehe. :) 


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