PCE stuff - beta Slim-e-loader with a GUI

Here is the latest beta binary of the beta v0.1:


Some in progress screen captures:



The tool is for Intel based Macs.. no PPC support, sorry. Also, I have myself used SnowLeopard (OSX 10.6.2) as a development environment and have not tested this in anything earlier than that. Support for TG-16 should also be in place.. obviously I have not managed to test it. There is no support for save ram as I don't own adequate hardware.

So, give it a try. I am not interested in hints to improve the functionality or GUI layout. However, I am very interested in TG-16 testers and experiences on OSX 10.5 or earlier. If you push the cancel button during the flash writing, it takes a while before process actually stops. It is supposed to do so... 



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