SCX-Cruncher V1.02+

This is a cruncher for ... people like me, I guess. Those who have old sources that make full use of OCS. I.e., put stuff on 64K bounds to save some cyclesand thus needs, CRAVES absolute addressing like in the [good] old days ;) Or who don't want to spend time fixing them up to run on 'all' Amigas. Just remove any copper/interrupt save and restore code from your source, and check if d0 < start address. If so, allow exit, otherwise the system or decruncher has been trashed due to lack of memory.

The decrunch source includes a very basic wrapper to check this, and to save system copper and interrupts. Should make your stuff work on more recent SetPatched Amigas. Got the decrunch code down from 310 bytes to 132, and then back up to 176 to make it faster than ever! Decrunch speed is average 260KB/s on the binaries I've tried.

Cruncher has been looked over and corrected, main new feature is allowing the user to test-decrunch the .scx file after saving. 

The utility is on our Downloads page, here is a direct download link.


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