Some photos

A photo of me not feeling so good on the bus back from BP09, a photo of how I repaired my Amiga 600 keyboard cable, and a photo of CUTTING A HOLE in my A1200, used mainly for WHDload but also for checking my demos and also AGA demos.


... but very few new AGA demos fit in my 10MB A1200-030... :'( Greets to RNO, just checked their LCP demo Experiment 2007 on it :)


I fixed my A600 keyboard cable by getting some conductive silver laquer for 5€. I slathered it all over the end of the flatcable, let it dry and then scraped off the laquer in between the fingers. (I tested with a multimeter that none of the fingers were connected.)I had to let the silver in the 3 gram bottle settle to the bottom first, and used a tooth pick to apply it, making sure I didn't have too big a blob of the stuff on the tooth pick by scraping off the rim of the bottle. I got the stuff from here.

I probably could have fixed it if I'd cut off the flatcable and somehow removed the plastic from the end of it - however I couldn't find out how to do that safely without cutting off the cable :P


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