Went to Edison 2013

It's Sunday, 2:30AM and I'm writing this at the nearby Ibis Hotel after the compos ended. ( I got an offer to sleep like a king in Qdor's tent, but I didn't bring bedgear, so... )

Packet of gravel. In my eyes. Packet of crisps on the table. Five minutes until my eyelids drop. OK, so there were quite few contributions in most compos, in the sense that I had higher expectations. Streaming music had a lot of good entries though! I was glad to enter a good song of my own. I have no idea if I placed anywhere half decent, but Qdor (who by the way won!) said he liked it, even though he didn't consider it a "democompo song", so to speak. Uncle Tom said "Ah, so you can make proper songs in Reason!". Anyway.

Here's the partyversion of >>> Newspace by Photon of Scoopex

I talked myself hoarse talking about Amiga etc. to Uncle Tom, The Big A, and the usual suspects as well as some new ones. It was hectic fun and excellent weather :) Good night! /Photon


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