Me graduating college in 1990 Hello, I'm Photon of Scoopex. I've been a member of Scoopex Sweden since 1991 coming from Phenomena, but took a break from the demoscene between 1992 and 2005. So far, I've only made Amiga demos in assembler, since I believe the limits of the A500 1MB platform is the perfect challenge for any coder.  To find out what else I'm about, see my About Me blog post.

My first demos combing back were Blitter Sweet and Xmas Demo, both made in the xmas break 2006 and 2005. I'm webdeving now and have a fulltime job, but hope to find time to assemble my old Stunner sources and make a nice trackmo.

Right now, the focus is on organizing Scoopex and coding new releases.  

I'm born in 1971, weigh 80kg, and sometimes go teary-eyed dreaming of demos. I try to make as much time for some good introvert lock-me-in-a-closet coding Amiga as I can, but usually spend way too much time online. "I'm workin' on it." :P I hate forced activities and love doing stuff together (tm) as well as talking crap with friends.


My top 10 AGA Demos by Photon on 2023-06-17.

Late post cos IRL stuff. Had another nice chat with Bacchus/FLT, and here's the video with my top 10 AGA demos. :)

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My top 10 OCS Demos by Photon on 2023-03-08.

Had a nice chat with Bacchus/FLT and here's a video from a few days ago about Amiga & my top 10 OCS demos. :)

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Amiga Hardware Programming #45 is out by Photon on 2021-09-03.

I mention a few simple scripting methods for the demo and settle on one, adding scroll commands to the scroll text.

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Retro + MAME joystick build by Photon on 2017-10-20.

I have 3 good joysticks for retro gaming. Why make a new one?

I have a right-handed QuickShot 162, a Tac-2 modded with terminal keyboard fire button, and an old arcade panel with a JK microswitch joystick and blade-switch buttons that I put across my knee whenever I feel the urge. :) Why make a new one?

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A500 clock battery replacement by Photon on 2015-01-10.

My little menagerie of Amigas got a workover last week. Some little nags that I wanted to fix. One of those was file modified dates on my source files ;)

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Simple tool to weed out samples by Photon on 2014-06-14.

Simple tool to weed out samples.

If you have an inst/perc/snares folder that contains 89 samples you may want to rinse out the ones that no longer fit the bill due to quality or usability.

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Amiga programming site launched!by Photon on 2014-05-26.

I made Coppershade.Org a more proper site instead of just an upload place for my assembler stuff.

Last week I spent a few evenings coding a CMS to make into a proper website. Previously it was the place where I put useful links to Amiga stuff needed for coding demos and following my Amiga Hardware Programming tutorials on Youtube.

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