Me graduating college in 1990 Hello, I'm Photon of Scoopex. I've been a member of Scoopex Sweden since 1991 coming from Phenomena, but took a break from the demoscene between 1992 and 2005. So far, I've only made Amiga demos in assembler, since I believe the limits of the A500 1MB platform is the perfect challenge for any coder.  To find out what else I'm about, see my About Me blog post.

My first demos combing back were Blitter Sweet and Xmas Demo, both made in the xmas break 2006 and 2005. I'm webdeving now and have a fulltime job, but hope to find time to assemble my old Stunner sources and make a nice trackmo.

Right now, the focus is on organizing Scoopex and coding new releases.  

I'm born in 1971, weigh 80kg, and sometimes go teary-eyed dreaming of demos. I try to make as much time for some good introvert lock-me-in-a-closet coding Amiga as I can, but usually spend way too much time online. "I'm workin' on it." :P I hate forced activities and love doing stuff together (tm) as well as talking crap with friends.


Went to Edison 2013 by Photon on 2013-06-30.

I met up with Uncle Tom and The Big A/PHA, it was very nice to see them after so long :)

It's Sunday, 2:30AM and I'm writing this at the nearby Ibis Hotel after the compos ended. ( I got an offer to sleep like a king in Qdor's tent, but I didn't bring bedgear, so... )

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See ya at Compusphere by Photon on 2012-03-09.

I hope to bring something nice to this demoparty :) Let's have fun in Gothenburg tomorrow!

I hope to bring something nice to this demoparty :) Let's have fun in Gothenburg tomorrow!

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ACA630 thoughts by Photon on 2011-11-06.

Started writing a post about the reseating issue with this otherwise excellent Amiga accelerator. I tried sorting out some kind of solution and to spare forum members a wall of text I put it here instead...

About the ACA630's method to fasten the piggyback socket onto the CPU.

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HogFast utility by Photon on 2011-08-12.

Another small utility, since NoFastMem has issues for me.

NoFastMem used to work on kick/WB 1.3, right? At least that's my recollection. Well, I just can't get it to work. After NoFastMem+Enter, the cursor just stands there and requires and extra Enter press to return the prompt, after which there is still FastMem available.

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64 byte hell by Photon on 2011-06-10.

Amiga is not for tiny demos. Stay sane and code a normal demo instead.

  To deter anyone from spending 3 evenings trying endless tricks to fit "code that does something" in the 28 bytes left after the Amiga .exe header, I'll just write what I did. ;) 

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AllInOne CLI Command by Photon on 2011-01-06.

CLI command to save some low chipmemory and patch Topaz 8.

Nothing special, just an Add22k/SetSystemFont alternative with some options. I needed something compatible with my A600 kick 3.1 and ACA630 so I could keep on using FastFonts in AsmOne and in Workbench. It was faster to take some old code and make one than fix the problems (after a while all chipmem was allocated) I got with other commands.  

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ACA630 review - A600 Portable IIby Photon on 2011-01-03.

Nah, it's the same lovely party-Amiga... but it just got an overhaul and some extras.

I did a major cleanup of the insides... the big change was removing the switched 12V car-adapter to the Joytech PS2 LCD screen, and instead using a 7.5V, 3A PS1 external PSU. Yes, another hole in the case, but fortunately I had already drilled one for my Dummy Switch (tm). 

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